“Open Meeting: Sharing Community Building Models” Storefront for Art and Architecture

New York City (2019)

Community Engagement and Curatorial Work.

As part of Aquí vive gente, Storefront for Art and Architecture and Alonso Gorozpe artist and curator (Studi 333) hosted an open meeting on Sharing Community Building Models that brought together local artists, collectives, and organizations focused on community engagement and cultural production in New York City. In a conversation moderated by Alonso Gorozpe, former coordinator of the East Harlem Culture Collective (co-founder and curator at Studio 333) participants shared their experiences on the opportunities and challenges for self-organized cultural initiatives in New York City.

After the meeting, A Sonidero Movement Party by Sonido Caluda, took over the gallery. Dj Caluda is  a NYC-based pioneer of the movimiento sonidero who has been hosting parties in New York City and around the Americas for more than two decades. Movimiento sonidero is a genre of public parties and social events from Mexico City in which DJs and entertainers called “sonideros” bring together communities through dance, music, and oration. Read more about the sonidero movement

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