“Here Homes The Sun” Guggenheim Museum

New York City (2019)

Community Engagement, Production Support and Experience Design.

Named after the eponymous 1971 album by Nina Simone, Mexican artist Pia Camil’s project “Here Comes the Sun” (2019) extends the artist’s use of secondhand T-shirts as a visual medium for thinking about the ways that global consumer culture, contemporary trade routes, and immigration impact society. Created through a process of exchange with largely immigrant communities in East Harlem and Corona—neighborhoods adjacent to the Guggenheim and Queens Museums—the new project incorporates donated T-shirts brought by the artist from New York to her studio in Mexico City. There Camil worked with a team of local seamstresses to transform the shirts into a large-scale fabric sculpture designed specifically for the central rotunda of the Guggenheim’s Frank Lloyd Wright building. Conceived as an interactive installation, “Here Comes the Sun” was activated during this special one-night event before entering the Guggenheim Museum’s permanent collection.

This project has been commissioned by the Guggenheim Museum’s Latin American Circle and produced with the support of the East Harlem Culture Collective, Studio 333 and the Queens Museum.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kqg8J09MQpo

Read more: https://piacamil.me/Here-Comes-the-Sun