Yéetel Sisal

Sisal  (2020)

Project Managment , Campaign Design, Artistic Direction and Community Organizing.

“Yeetel Sisal” is is a social engagement initiative intended to support a community of ecotourism guides in Sisal, Yucatan. Thorugh a kickstarter campaign, the idea of anticipated reservations and direct donations. We aim to support the effort of this communities as they care and protect their native land through work and responsible tourism. In this first stage we are aiming to raise $45,000 MXN pesos at the same time that we create an awareness of the importance of supporting communities being affected by the impact of COVID 19.

Project Team: Studio 333,  Viajero Natura, Antonio de la Fuente, Maria Jose Riquelme, Gafa + More 

Partners: Studio 333, Antonio de la Fuente, Viajero Natura

For more information you can visit: @Yeetel_Sisal